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All Inclusive

At an All Inclusive resort, you pay one price, which includes your accommodations, food, drinks (including most alcohol), entertainment, gratuities and many recreational activities at the resort such as snorkeling, kayaking, tennis and fitness classes. If the resort is family friendly, “Kids Clubs” are often included in the price as well.  Other activities, such as spa treatments or escorted tours are usually not included in the package price.

The most popular places to find an All Inclusive resort are beach destinations such as Mexico and parts of the Caribbean, including: Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Aruba and St. Lucia.  You can also find resorts that offer All Inclusive packages in South Pacific destinations such as Fiji.

All Inclusive resorts come in all shapes and sizes. Some resorts are very luxurious with gourmet specialty restaurants while others cater to travelers happy with huge buffets and beach grills. There are family resorts and romantic resorts for couples only.

At Bridgeport Travel, we have a broad knowledge of many of the most popular All Inclusive resort brands and can match you to the resort and destination best suited for your vacation needs and budget.

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