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Why Use a Travel Agent?

With all of those internet travel sites out there, who wouldn’t want to book their own vacation? Before you answer that question, take a look at some reasons why using a travel agent just makes good sense.

1. One Stop Shopping

Without a travel agent, it is up to YOU to:

  • Book your own flight, cruise, hotel, airport transfers, rental car, activities, dinner reservations, travel insurance, etc.
  • Check multiple online booking engines to find the best deal
  • Research various hotels for the best location, beach, amenities, etc.
  • Study a cruise ship diagram to find the best stateroom location
  • Research your vacation destination to find out things to do and see

With a travel agent, all of this is taken care of for you, saving you hours of internet time and effort!

2. Expert Knowledge

Travel agents have either personally visited or extensively studied the destinations that they sell. Bridgeport Travel can offer you insider tips and information on items such as: cruising “dos and don’ts”, must see attractions and activities, where to shop, the hottest restuarants, the best beaches, kid friendly resorts and even what and what not to pack. Try to find that kind of helpful advice on Expedia or Orbitz!

3. Personalized Service

A travel agent will ask the right questions to find out exactly what you are looking for in a vacation. We will then work tirelessly to customize a package that is right for you, giving you the highest satisfication dollar for dollar.

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4. No Extra Fees!

Think a travel agent charges extra fees for the service that they provide? Not likely! Bridgeport Travel does not charge any fees, with the exception of a nominal ticketing fee for airline tickets that are not part of a vacation package. We are paid directly by our suppliers, so your total vacation price will not increase by using a travel agent.

5. Value Added Benefits and Amenities

Bridgeport Travel has business relationships with many of the cruise ship and hotel sales managers, who will often do something extra for our clients as a "thank you" for the business, such as a complimentary room upgrade, bottle of wine or goodie basket.

6. Peace of Mind

We are just a phone call away should anything go wrong before or during your vacation.